Our Golden Dreams

Brand new & exclusive Dreamcatcher Leggings.

Now in Navy blue with Golden print.

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The Orginal Dream

Our signature Dreamcatcher print that reminds us all to never stop dreaming.

Dreamcatcher design in Pantone Warm Grey on Milk white cotton.

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Buffalo & Bear

Customer Reviews

The cotton is like touching a cloud. So smooth and silky.

Bernice Reynolds

Cutest designs but the softness! Hard to explain how soft they are.

Carmen Ward

Simply love this rabbit design.

Jessie Hall

Buffalo + Bear

Our clothing is made from a high quality & luxurious 100% organic cotton.  Our unisex collection covers bedding, swaddle blankets, sleep-suits, leggings, hooded towels & bibs.

Our designs are inspired by everything wildlife and outdoors. Covering a mixture of monochrome, pastel & classic vintage patterns.

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