4 Home-Schooling Resource Websites That Your Teachers are Using

My son’s school and nursery closed a few weeks ago and just now we are starting to get into some sort of a routine at home; I’m even seeing some great success and progress with both of my boys personal development. If you’re like me though, you maybe finding that you are starting to run out of resources. You’ve worked through all of their PJ Mask and BBC Favourite activity magazines, any work school may have sent home before the closure and now searching for ideas of how to keep their minds going over the Easter break while also keeping your mind intact.

I’ve been searching, reading and though I would share my bounty with you. Here are 4 highly resourceful websites full of downloadable worksheets or even full activity packs that even your teachers are likely to be using to help your children learn. Please note, some of the websites do require a subscription and / or paid for account where as others are free; there is a lot of free downloadable resources, you may need to look around:

Early Learning HQ


Teachers Pet


There are SO many amazing downloadable resources to suite every child’s needs, their own stage and pace of learning, their ability and to support their own personal learning. Please be mindful that we at Buffalo and Bear are not endorsing any of these websites, this is purely sharing information from one parent to another.

Also remember, you are not their school teacher so don't put undue pressure on to yourself and your family to progress at speed. Take your time and try your best to encourage, empower and to support. If it's not working or adding unnecessary stress, walk away from that task and take a break. Try something different. If you are in a position to consult your child's teacher and have a chat, maybe get some advice on direction...do so and take the opportunity.

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