No matter where we came from or what life experience we have, we are all set to the very start of the board game when it comes to new Motherhood. With no baby manual and, lets face it, no clue, being a new Mum can be really daunting. It’s a time filled with so much joy and so much fear that we wanted to share the advice we would give ourselves as new Mums.

You don’t need to introduce the baby to everyone straight away. Take a couple of weeks to bond as a family before you open your doors and let the wilder world in. You won’t get these days back so make the most of them.

- Fiona, Watching You Grow

Embrace baby wearing, it’ll make life SO much easier!

- Hayley, Devon Mama

It’s such a cliché but it’s one for a reason: ‘this too shall pass’. If you’ve got a colicky baby and you’re

spending the 6th night in a row of having 20 minute stretches of sleep, it’s difficult to see an end in sight! But the tricky first 3 months / fourth trimester will be over before you know it, and nothing ever seems as bad in the full light of day as it does at 2am when you’re trying to settle an unhappy baby!

- Laura, Only Teethin

Batch cook and fill up the freezer! Cooking was the last on my list of priorities for ages - I wish I had premade healthier meals in advance! Would have saved me a fortune in takeaways, and probably a few extra pounds around my waist too!

- Kate, Ever After With Kids

If you want to stay in your pjs and admire your baby for a few days, do it. Don't feel as though you need to be dressed up because you don't owe anyone anything. The new-born phase goes by oh so quick, enjoy!

- Tamara, The Epileptic Blogger

The best thing my hubby ever did was to make me lunch every day once he went back to work.

Everything was on a plate in the fridge (spoon for yoghurt included!) So I could just grab it out and eat straight away! A couple of bottles of squash made up and left within arm's reach was great too.

- Sophie, Life as Mrs D

Don't put so much pressure on yourself, if the baby is fed and clean and occasionally sleeps, you're absolutely nailing it.

- Christy, Welsh Mum


 By Georgina Clarke

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