9 Newborn Tips That Mums Want You To Know

Adjusting to becoming a Mum is arguably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. It's one big ball of mess, mayhem and a love you didn’t even know was possible. Its overwhelming in the best and hardest way all at the same time. It's amazing. Its so funny though, this little thing that you created all by yourself, completely from scratch, doesn’t come with an instruction manual! Nine Mum Bloggers want to share their BEST newborn tips. Let us know what you think!

Enjoy the time as it’s over too soon! It’s called a ‘babymoon’ and that is the best way to think of it. Cosy and Hygge. Lots of sleep and forget what you look like. Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind. It’s the best way to keep those happy hormones flooding

Jo, A Rose Tinted World

Vests shoulders open wide for ease of dressing, but also so that they can be removed over the body when a poonami happens

Sarah - Boo, Roo & Tigger Too

 Coconut oil is fantastic for any newborn baby dry skin or scalp problems and can be used as a general moisturizer and for baby massage as well. Completely natural!

Christy, Welsh Mum

If you are breastfeeding, Lansinoh Lanolin cream will be your saviour!

Hanna, Little Snippets

Fold a muslin cloth and place it under their head in the crib (make sure you tuck it in tightly at either side), makes it way easier to clean up a little spit up in the night - just swap the musy for a new one

Hayley, Devon Mama

Get a white noise toy, it will become your best friend! They're proper soothing!

Rachel, Illustrated Teacup

Fill a basket with nappies, wipes, sudocrem, bibs and all other essentials you need on a daily basis and keep it in the living room, and you can carry it around the house when you need too.

Beth, Life as Mum

Invest in a decent wrap / sling! They are perfect for those newborn days, and make going about your day much easier (and they’re great for the snuggles too!).

Emily, Emily & Indiana

No one is expecting anything from you. Literally no one. New mums feel so much pressure to get back to normal, better than normal even. We put so much pressure on ourselves to instantly have it together but anyone that is a Mum doesn't actually expect anything from you, infact, quite the opposite! We want to see you with your feet up, soaking up the brand new baby cuddles and being waited on!

Georgina, Georgina Clarke Blog


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