Activities to Keep the Kids Busy Over the Easter Holiday in a Lockdown.

Lockdown for children is proving challenging enough while we had some interaction with the outside world be it through home-school Zoom classes or FaceTime with family and friends. But 2 weeks in and we have hit the Easter holidays. The kids need fun, normality and most of all things to keep them busy. Here's just a few kid-friendly craft and play idea's I have planned for the fortnight ahead.

List of 10 Kid-Friendly Crafts:

Plan and prepare ahead as much as you can with the resources you have - collate ALL your clean boxes, toilet rolls, scrap paper, magazines. Here is a great list of easy crafting ideas to keep them occupied and their little hands busy while their minds grow.

  • Binoculars made from toilet roll and ribbon. Decorate your two tubes however you like. Glue the two tubes together and tie a ribbon to either side of the binoculars to hand your binoculars around your neck. Now you are ready to go for a spot of bird or dinosaur watching in the garden.
  • ‘I Miss You’ card for a friend or family member. When you have decorated yours and written your message, post it to them and make their day.
  • Recycled tin can win chime. Wash and clean the tin, and place duck tape or another strong tape around any sharp edges to avoid cuts. Paint the tin or decorate with glue, paper and glitter. Get some ribbon, thread or even strips of old material. Glue them to the base of the tin. Hang this outside on your trees and bring colour and movement to your gardens.
  • Penne pasta necklace. simply paint the penne in your chosen colour, allow to dry and then thread. Depending on how focused your little ones can be, you can even make very large penne chains and use as decorations. Tie a decorated egg to one side of the thread and hang.
  • Paper chain. So old school but brilliant skills of glueing, threading and sticking. Repeating the skill over and over to then decorate your little ones room.
  • Toilet roll inner shape stamping. Using toilet roll centres, shape the cylinder into squares, triangles, even stars if you like; get creative. Use your shaped rolls as stamp by taking dipping into paint and stamping patterns onto paper.
  • Hand painted flowers. Paint your little ones hand and press onto paper. Repeat this a number of times and allow the paper to dry. When dry, cut out the hand prints and assort in a circle, like flower petals. Take another colour or even a circle cut out from a magazine for the flower centre. Paint a lollipop stick green and glue your flower to the top.
  • Toilet roll rockets. Decorate your toilet roll; be sure to include obligatory windows and a spaceman. For the top, cut a circle out on a piece of paper. From you circle, cut a quarter out. Fold the circle and glue 2 straight edges together making a cone shape. Glue this cone to the top of your rocket. The rocket must have power to flu, glue string or strips of red, yellow and orange paper out of the bottom. You are ready for blast off!
  • Garden creature rocks. Select a rock - we opted for nice round ones to make colourful ladybirds. Paint your rock with acrylic patio paint (assuming you want your bugs in the garden) or any paint you can get your hands on but probably best keep your new creatures indoors if its a standard acrylic paint. If you can get your hand on some glow in the dark patio paint, the kids will absolutely love them!

The big 5 Rainy Day Creatures to Find!

Expect rain, hope for sunshine! Get the rain suits and wellies at the ready and clear the garden. Rainy days can be just as fun for the kids as the sunny ones. Think about the creatures that only appear in the rain and go on a bug hunt.

  1. Snail
  2. Slug
  3. Worm
  4. Frogs
  5. T-Rex - for real, they always come out when it rains!!

List of 10 Treasures for an Indoor Pirate Scavange

Just too cold for outdoors? That’s ok, you can do a pirate treasure hunt. Find the list of items below around your house and collect it in your make-shift treasure chest. I found the laundry basket worked a treat for this one!

  1. A toy with 4 wheels
  2. A book with the first letter of you name in it
  3. A large pair of socks and a small pair of sock
  4. Five different things that are green
  5. Something soft, something prickly and something hard
  6. A photo of someone you love
  7. A toy that has three different colours
  8. Your favourite ever toy
  9. Something with your name on it
  10. Something that makes a noise or is musical

Easter Crafts!

If you have already prepared resources, you’re an absolute legend, well done you! If not you have 2 options - dash to eBay or amazon and get a speedy delivery. There are many shops able to deliver the items for next week before easter. Alternatively, use any paper, card or string to make your one easter decorations. Cut out an egg shape for your little one to decorate. They can use anything you have to hand and feel you can handle; if your kids are anything like mine, paint is dangerous and expect to have to redecorate your house once they have finished! Pritt-stick and scraps of paper work a treat. Use an old magazine, chop up the most colourful pages and pictures and as they make a mosaic egg. If your child is old enough, they can chop the page for you - this will keep them busy just that bit longer and improve their hand muscle strength which will later improve their writing skills.

You can also buy modelling foam eggs or even animals ready to be painted on eBay that still have time for delivery before easter: here’s a link to the one I ordered just yesterday, due for delivery Wednesday.

Foam Eggs for Decorating:
Animals for Decorating:

Bake, Bake, Bake!

This is a great task to involve the whole family and brilliant skills to learn along the way. Counting and measuring, pouring and stiring, noticing the smells, and textures of the different ingredients…and at the end of it all, you’ve got a lovely treat to all enjoy together [and the mess to sort out afterwards but let's focus on the positive of the cake!!]. If you can get shopping delivered, the ready prepared baking kits for children are ideal. Alternatively, here is an easy recipe for gingerbread men:

Finally, remember to give yourself and your children a break. Life is a little strange at the moment, lockdown is challenging for everyone in very different ways. Stay positive and see the good in our lives - you get to spend so much quality time together. Make memories, laugh, take pictures, have lazy pyjama days, eat pizza and ice cream, forget doing your hair or makeup, teach each other different skills - my son is teaching me how to play again, how to use my imagination again, and how to run - he never stops running!

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