Baby/toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

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One of the best things about the autumn season is the return of Halloween. With pumpkins galore and trick or treating aplenty, it’s one of the most magical times of the year. As a parent of a little one, it provides a fun time for you to dress them up ready for the Halloween party. Here are just a couple baby/toddler Halloween costume ideas which will wow your friends and family.

Embrace the season with a pumpkin costume

Your cheeky chops will make the perfect pumpkin this Halloween. You just need an orange sleep suit or body suit which you can then stitch on black felt eyes, nose and mouth to help it look like a spooky pumpkin. You can then pair the outfit with green leggings for a pumpkin look. You can then use an orange hair band which will make a cute accessory for your little one or find a soft orange hat.                                    

Let them fly with a bat outfit

Another idea for a cute baby Halloween costume is a bat. All you need for this costume is a black sleep suit which will keep your little one warm and then as Country Living suggests, you can add-on swatches of black fabrics which will give them bat like arms. You can then cut holes in the babies hat for eyes to give them the perfect mask for the big night.

Cast a spell with a witch costume

A witch outfit is a fun choice for the spell bounding event. Go for a colourful dress which will look beautiful on your baby or toddler. Use ribbon to make the beautiful dress even more colourful for Halloween. You can make them a hat out of paper as described in this article from Families Online.


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