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There are several beautiful pregnant women in my life that have been asking questions on baby essentials. When being asked about baby bottles, I’ve been recommending Dr Brown’s bottles. Once babies and mummies are ready to move on from breastfeeding, it’s important to find a good bottle that suits. Sticking to one brand is important in my opinion, as sometimes babies can become fussy if different teat shapes are used.

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The ones we used were the Natural Flow. The product is BPA-free and contains no PVC, which is really important for continued use after sterilising. With both the kids, I tried out a couple of brands, as sometimes you get a free bottle with a steriliser. However, there were always issues with the bottles themselves or the teats.  A major issue I found with the other brands I had tried was the teat collapsing, and obviously bubbles forming within the bottle. This can lead to gas pain, spitting up and colic. This was the main reason for me to switch.

Unfortunately, Nico had severe silent reflux; he was quite poorly until we figured out what the problem was, and the extra bubbles and air from the previous brands were making things worse. I really believe these bottles helped, and although they didn’t cure him as he needed medication, they certainly helped to reduce the amount of air he was swallowing during feeds.  I bought the pink version straight away for Romi.

We had six bottles each in total, blue and clear for Nico and the pink version for Romi. The teat size changed in relation to how much and how fast they were feeding.

Cleaning the bottles

I used a steriliser for at least 14 months, but all parts of the bottle are dishwasher safe. Each extra part of the vent system is a little fiddly and time consuming to clean. They come with small brushes and I used a larger dishwasher brush to get in and around everywhere. The extra effort was well worthwhile for us.


The bottles were really good at preventing leaks. I would go out with the children with 6-8oz of sterilised water and the matching amount of powder in a small cup. I would make it up as and when needed, and I was lucky because both of them would feed at room temperature. The only leakage I found was when we were travelling on planes. This is to do the with air pressure in the cabin. Once I realised I would unscrew the lid ever so slightly; if you choose to do this, just make sure the bottle is in an upright position!


Apparently, bottles now come in a newer style called Options, and can now be used without the vent system. The vent system becomes less important when the babies start getting older. Personally, I haven’t tried these, but if I was going to have another baby I would try these new ones for sure.

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