Green Parent’s Guide to Buying Eco-Friendly Toys.

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As concerns grow about the future health of our planet, many parents are trying to live a more environmentally friendly life. It’s relatively straightforward to cut down on plastic in the kitchen; to recycle diligently, and to re-use and re-purpose where we can. But what can we do about the sea of cheap plastic toys available to our children?

Thankfully, as the importance of Eco-friendly goods has become more acknowledged, so too have the options for buying excellent quality, consciously made, eco-friendly toys.

What is an eco-friendly toy?

It takes a lot more creativity and effort for toy manufacturers to design and build eco-friendly toys. Plastic must be replaced by recycled or natural materials, and companies will try and produce toys without using chemical paint, glue, metal or screws. The new demand for green alternatives has forced a lot of toy companies to think about reducing their carbon footprints. In fact, eco-friendly toys are now in such high demand that toy goliath, Lego, recently declared that it is aiming to replace and produce all its bricks with eco-friendly materials by 2030.

What to consider when choosing eco-friendly toys.

Here are some top-tips to remember when in the toy shop, or when considering what eco-friendly toys to choose for your children.

  • Seek out toys that are made with natural materials, such as cotton and wood. Check the back of packaging to ensure that a wooden toy, for example, hasn’t been sprayed with chemical dyes and artificial finishes.
  • Look for toys that are packaged in fabric or cardboard, instead of plastic. This is often a good indication that the company who made it has an environmental conscience.
  • Quality over quantity. Buying toys that are made well, and more durable, will mean less waste and, in turn, reduce your carbon footprint. It is also suggested that having less toys can increase a child’s understanding of sharing and encourage more imaginative play. Plus – less clutter!
  • Search your home for items that can be up-cycled into toys for your kids. Making your own toys not only adds a lovely personal touch, but also means you can create something you know your child will really enjoy.
  • Replace plastic toys with wooden ones, where possible.

Where to shop for eco-friendly toys?

We’ve listed a few highly recommended green toy shops below:

Toys to You is one of the largest ethical toy shops in the UK and specialise in beautifully made wooden toys. Their website can be found here:

Ethical Kidz believe that a green and economical business is a way of life and their toys are both green and high quality.  Follow this link to their website

Myriad Natural Toys specialise in beautiful, natural playthings that encourage imaginative and creative play. They can be found here

Forest Dragon Toys believe that their environmental efforts will be of value not just to children but to society as a whole. They can be found here:


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