How to Relieve Colic by Georgina Clarke

How to Relieve Colic - Georgina Clarke - Baby

How to Relieve Colic | Georgina Clarke

Okay, so I have a theory. So many people think that colic is to do with wind or gripey stomach pains and I’m not arguing that, but I also have another theory. I think that colic is a baby’s expression of their anger with you for evacuating them out of the womb!

 Hear me out.

 Colic tends to really come into its own from around six weeks of age. This is also the time where your baby becomes a touch less sleepy and start to notice that “holy guacamole there is a whole world out here, how did I not even realise!!”

 It’s a time where you baby starts to go “well hang on a minute, there are lights and noises and smells and I’m not sure I like it… no Mummy you must hold me, so I feel safe. Oh, you don’t want to hold me? You want to make your own dinner? Well then… I’m going to scream

 Colic isn’t fun.

 My second baby had it and oh boy, it came as a REAL shock!

 I didn’t know what to do.

 We tried all the lotions and potions that you hear incredible things about, but they didn’t make a difference.

 After a few weeks though I started to notice patterns. The brighter the room was, the worse the colic symptoms were. The louder things were, the worst it was. The more she was away from me, the worse it was.

 If the room was darker, she settled quicker. If she was swayed and bopped lightly, she settled. If she had white noise, she settled quicker.

 So that's where I started to toy with the theory that maybe they’re just not happy that they’re no longer in the womb.

 I think, especially in the evenings, when you become busier and need your baby to be put down, so you can potter/tidy/make dinner… they know this. They are starting to get tired after a long day of… well, life. So, they want extra cuddles and support and they start to work themselves up. The more you try and settle them to be put down, the more they get upset and eventually they are so worked up they can’t stop crying and then because they’re crying, they are taking on air and eventually getting hysterical and they can’t stop themselves.

 Ways to help with The Fourth Trimester and Colic by emulating the womb:

 Remove all stimulants.

As you can feel witching hour approaching, start to wind down all stimulants. Turn the TV off, dim the lights, check for any annoying labels on their clothing (if you can, strip them down and swaddle them if they like swaddling)

 Perfect your jiggle.

This totally depends on your babies’ personal preference, for us, standing and bopping Elin really worked but some babies may prefer a led down jiggle or a simple head lull. If you’re doing one thing and it isn’t calming your baby, then try other things. Just keep moving!

 White Noise. White Noise. White Noise.

You don’t need a fancy white noise toy or an app, one of the best ways to create white noise for your baby is to shush in their ear. You want to be loud. You basically want to shush louder than your baby is crying, right in their ear. You’ll look a bit crazy, but it totally works.

 Encourage your baby to suckle.

It's scientifically proven that suckling releases endorphins and calms your baby. For mine, the dummy was a game changer. It took some persistence and I used to have to hold it in a certain position to keep her happy but when we got there. It helped her tremendously. Whether it’s a dummy, your finger, a boob, helping your baby have something to suckle on will really help to calm them.

 Invest in a baby wrap.

Once your baby calms and settles, you don’t want to poke a sleeping bear by moving or trying to settle them into a crib or bouncer. It’s easier just to baby wear them so you can carry on as per usual and they can stay in their happy place! Baby wearing may also settle them down in the first place.

 Make a cup of tea.

This one's for you. Not the baby. Tea fixes everything.

 By Georgina Clarke

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