Pregnancy to do list

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my brain went into overdrive of all the things I thought I needed to do and when. This is list is still on-going and I am sure there are glaring errors (please tell me them!!) but this is my starter for ten!

Go to doctors/Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU)-I found this was all very laissez faire to get confirmed until I started going to who were phenomenal and put all of my fears (rational or not..) to bed.

Book all required appointments- this is no mean feat and is still on-going. I was lucky my NHS Trust provides a very useful list by week, but speaking with others I know they aren't so lucky.

Announce pregnancy- well this was taken out of my hands a little bit as my husband was very overexcited!!

Tell work about pregnancy- this was a bit more challenging for me, as although I work for a very large public organisation, I had just moved from one part of it to another in a new role. lucky for me, my work were amazing and supportive, so the panic I gave myself wasn't worth it!

Plan maternity leave and how this affects you financiallyfor me, this has been a tough one, as the policy hasn't always been crystal clear where I work, so I spent a big chunk of time with HR alleviating all my fears and answering all my questions (which is another future post!). This was great to have ready to talk through with my boss after me telling them about my pregnancy so we could start to plan as early as possible.

Look into maternity grants/government supportThis has again been a minefield so any tips would be well received!!!

Get medical exemption card- ah the myth of how to get these! I asked about this, and it was such a grey area at my GP practice, and I know my friend has experienced the exact same thing (even being told it comes automatically in the post!). Make sure your GP or midwife fills the form out for you ASAP. I have just been diagnosed with Lupus, so this card has been a godsend for medication!

Find Dentist and booknew dentist, but you also get free treatment in line with above! Do this ASAP if you don't have one, as finding an NHS dentist that is taking patients took me a lot of phone calls and perseverance!

Find pregnancy friendly exercise classes-this for me was a must. I am the eternal fidget, and I find exercise turns my brain off for a bit (which is always needed). Always make sure to consult your midwife/GP, but I am so lucky to be part of a yoga class, circuits class and a aqua natal class with the most experienced instructors! This has also been a lifeline to be around pregnant people from my area and start to make friends.

Book NCT in week 25- I am excited to do this to again meet people in the area and get those eternal unanswered questions sorted! I think this will also be great for Nik to get involved and meet people too.

Vaccinations- am I up to date? I am working with my midwife on this and getting whooping cough booked. I can't have the flu jab due to allergies but I know that is a common vaccination for pregnant woman to need.

Buy baby essentials- just you wait for this list.

Book hypno-birthing course- I need some help on this as to whether it is worth it. The private ones are super expensive, and I am lucky my NCT area has one, but I am not sure how much I can zone out in a room on 20 couples without giggling?

Write birth plan and list of medicationsI need to wait to see if I am allowed my ideal birth due to lupus, but I have different options I know I would like (even though I know its just a plan and anything can happen I like to be prepared!)

Plan and prep hospital bagagain just you wait for my list on this!

Visit maternity unitI would like to do this to put my mind at ease as to what it is like in there.

Find and book photographerI would like some new born shots done (not including me because I hate my photo being taken anyway let alone I imagine after birth/looking after a new born) and I've seen these book up quite far in advance.

Look into day care/nursery/child-minder-What is the best? what can I afford? Where has places? I have yet to start this due to thinking this is going to a never ending task.... any advice well received!!

Set up baby space in bedroom/flatWe aren't setting up a nursery yet as we are moving in June, but we need to plan the flat and bedroom to fit Baby in (and all of this stuff......)

Plan a baby scheduleI have started to read books and peoples advice to try and find what I think will be best for us. I am looking at [//0]a 7am, [//1]10am, [//2]1pm, [//3]4pm feed schedule broken up by [//4]a 6.30pm bath and [//5]7pm and then [//6]11pm feed. Doesn't it sound ideal? Will it even work? Am I just dreaming?!

Arrange baby showerI would like to see everyone prior to Baby getting here but I am not sure I want that fuss etc. This is still a TBC in my brain!

Spend quality time with HusbandAs everyone keeps telling me life is about to change, I want to spend some quality time with Nik to enjoy these quiet months....


The last one seems like it will never be ticked off!

By Suzie Gray

Instagram: - mamabearqueenoflists

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  • Sue Kemp

    Great idea and really useful list.

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