Swaddle Blankets: 10 Great Ways to Use Them

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As the name would indicate, swaddle blankets were fundamentally and quite specifically designed for swaddling babies while they sleep to help aid their comfort and feel safe. However their versatility holds no bounds; well they have some boundaries like retaining liquids, enduring harsh weather or fiery environments, but very little can stop these blankets from being useful in and around the house. Here are just 10 suggestions we thought of below:

  1. Large muslin swaddle cloths -100% organic cotton muslin is incredibly soft and ideal delicate skin, and ideal to wrap them for a sleep
  2. Portable change mats - even when you can find the change stations, they can sometimes be cold or unruly. It’s nice to know your little one is comfy and safe; and if you have boys like me, its easy to throw a corner over them to prevent sprinklers going off while you perform the change
  3. Hot weather or environment baby & toddler sleeping blankets - when the nights are hot and sticky, but you feel your little ones still need covering up, a large swaddle blanket is the perfect solution
  4. Floor tummy-time and play mats for babies – ultimately it is in the interest of your carpet more so than your baby ;)
  5. Cot, crib, pram and car-seat liners - to protect the covers from natural reflux babies inevitably will have
  6. Nursing or feeding capes - I found that this also helps some babies focus on what they should be doing [eating] as opposed to being distracted by the beautifully engaging and amazing world around them
  7. Pram and Car Seat covers - remember the heat in summer can raise unequivocally quickly in an enclosed pram . Babies also cannot easily regulate their own temperature and obviously cannot always communicate this accurately. Always keep baby safe with breathable materials if you cover them. Pram covers are handy to protect your baby from all elements, including; heat, rain, wind and direct sunlight
  8. Teething or chew toy - simple, natural and gentle for babies gums. Simply tie a knot and you can even dip in cold water or place some cold melon inside the knot for baby to chomp on
  9. Poorly baby comforting blanket - when your little one has fever and their temperature is fluctuating, they will likely want to cover up however a high temperature cannot be encouraged and they need to be cooled down naturally - a lightweight blanket I ideal and poses as a comforter
  10. Superhero capes - self explanatory and something everyone needs! ;)

If you can think of more, please visit our Instagram or Facebook page and share your idea with us - we love to share useful tips, tricks and hacks with other mothers who maybe looking for exactly what you’re already doing.

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