We're On A Break

It’s not really news anymore as to what is happening across the world so I won’t repeat details. With everything that is happening around us all, we have taken the decision to take a little break. Leggings and blankets are not on most people’s minds at this time however what is in our thoughts at Buffalo & Bear is to find ways to help and contribute towards a solution.

The postal service and all delivery teams are among the key workers STILL working tirelessly everyday to keep us all connected and going; they’re doing such an amazing job getting much needed parcels out to the people that truly need them. For this reason we will avoid being a distraction for now, let them focus their efforts on urgent deliveries and when the time is right, we will be back.

We will not close the shop or disable the option to buy. Just please know that these orders will not be shipped, they will be on hold and will be sent as soon as we feel it is safe and sensible to do so.

We hope this doesn’t upset anyone, we just want to help however we can.
Going forward, what you will see from us is useful and informative blogs (we hope!), motivational and positive messages and general positivity, with a sprinkle of some of our favourite pictures of you lovelies enjoying out clothes. Everything in the world is so uncertain and scary - we want to add a little shining light to these dark times and help brighten you day. If you have images you are happy for us to share where you and your lovely little ones are enjoying the Buffalo and Bear range, please send them in or post and tag #Buffaloandbear.

Stay safe everyone 🌈❤️☀️

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